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Grains and Co Logo

We bring superfood grains into the spotlight.

We source for superfood grains that have superior health benefits and make them tastier with special marinades created through rigorous processes of product testing to elevate the taste and texture of grains.

Inspired by the seasons, our recipes are boldly creative to bring out the freshness, flavours and fun in every grain bowl we serve.

"& Co" refers to the joyful harmony of ingredients - proteins, vegetables and homemade dressing complementing each other perfectly, making us truly irresistible. 

We believe good food captivates and levitates you to wholesome paradise. Enjoy the party!

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Who we are

We are a party of jolly and fun-loving people with a deep passion for food.

Meet the brains behind the grains

Our founders, Jia Xin and Sean, have stayed true to their philosophy on “Nourish to Flourish”. 

The big idea is creating grain bowls that are healthier, more accessible and tastier. 


Self care is vital for our well-being. Jia Xin and Sean created Grains & Co. to allow everyone to be able to access healthier eating without compromising on taste and flavours.

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